Ben Roddy, a qualified Plumber and Gas fitter, is highly recognised for his skills in Underground Service Location. Prior to starting his own business, Ben worked in the Civil and Mining Industries, competently establishing his versatile skill set and building his reputation as a hard working, results driven workman. Ben’s extensive experience and knowledge across multiple industries undeniably equips him to successfully own and run his business; Proven Services, which specialises in Non-Destructive Digging, Excavation/Hydro-Excavation, Vacuum Hire and Underground Service Location. Ben runs his business in alignment with his valued work ethics. Promising to provide his customers with a stress-free, cost effective, environmentally conscious and time efficient service, proving his amicable competency to job completion.

Ben purchased his own Non Destructive Digging Vacuum Truck to provide the wider community with an alternative to the traditional services currently being used by other companies in the service locating field. Proven Services locates services like; Power, Water, Gas, Sewer and Telecommunications. Their aim is to provide an affordable service that you can trust and are Level 1 Track Awareness certified. With the customer in mind, Ben has chosen to adopt a simple execution process. First they locate the Service using an electronic device that gives an approximate position and depth. They then use the Hydro Excavation truck to ensure that the position and depth are Proven, with zero risk of damaging or interrupting the Service. Ben cuts time and costs for his customers as his trucks are equipped with a 3500K Vacuum tank and a 1200L water tank, allowing access to tight nooks without having to constantly dispose and refill water. Proven Services is EPA registered.

Ben’s Environmentally conscious methods continue from commencement to completion; once a job is complete, disposal of the material occurs in an environmentally friendly fashion.

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